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SYNTHAGEDDON This is just fucking phenomenal. HUBRID's unique brand of Cyberpunk meets Duckfoot's 'Rage Against The Machine' type vibes, only way more brutal than anything they ever conjured up, and that's saying something! I also think of the 'Tranformers the Movie' soundtrack when listening to this. It brings a lot of great music memories back.

This release is the first in a very long time that has taken me completely by surprise and rocked me to my very core.

Buy this masterpiece now! Favorite track: PRIZONER - (Feat Duckfoot ).
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eliytrezfan The album is full of innovations, fresh look, vocals, and all this with the signature sound from HUBRID. Favorite track: SACRIFICE ( Feat Duckfoot ).
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I Hate You Lyrics Fuuuuuuuck you Fucken douche I fucken hate you Why don't you go and fuck yourself I fucken hate you I fucken hate you Fuuuuuuuck you You're fucken stupid I fucken hate Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you I fucken hate you Fuuuuuuuck you You fucken suck I fucken hate you I bet you fucken hate you too I fucken hate you Fuuuuuuuck you You fucking fuck I fucken hate you The whole fucken world fucken hates you too We all fucken hate you
Cyber Hunt Lyrics I'm on the cyber hunt for you I'm in the system Wake up from the system I had a feeling you'd be here sitting in your computer chair I got one bullet just for you You tell me, Is it all true? You think you control everything you don't control a single thing we hear you screaming from the streets Better act now, delete delete
Lyrics Take it from me I don't wanna be a prisoner now listen up I hear ya calling Chatter box I hear you stalling maybe I don't even know what I am saying But I feel like I am saying something quite important yeah I know it doesn't seem that way but walk this way and talk this way and you will soon end up this way and I still say that you can finally break away and bring about the final days in more than one but many ways It seems so crazy being lazy words don't phase me patrick swayze john wayne gacy can't quite place it try and trace it back to when you first expressed the need to press for questions asked it's going fast but it won't last It's temporary sun still glaring really scary being where I know I'm safe But I'm not safe cause I am just a prisoner I've got these four wall My door falls and all roles become obsolete Don't even need what I am for it's ganymede I'm chasing what I know is true If it's not me then it can't be you Then who?
I Am The Man Lyrics Look to your right now look to your left tell me what do you see Tell me which side is best There's a man at the window and his knock knock knocking it is shock shock shocking To see that he is talking Tell me what he says to you I think you know it deep down it has to be true I will show it to you It came from the other side looking for you You will see real soon That you are not immune To the tune that flows the way the memory goes It is all we know Tell me why so slow to pick up on what I'm throwing down I got a sound for you It's a spooky little ditty With some lyrics that are witty I'm a ghost well not really I'm a human being Seeing is believing I can tell that you're agreeing It's my right To address the community Immunity with impunity I'm equal opportunity I am the man who is talking to you I am the man Who will walk you through I am the man Who can understand It's I who am the man Try to describe what is on your mind tell me can you fuckin feel it It is well designed I'm becoming such a pro at this mystic game tell me who is to blame For me who proclaims that We are adjusting to this new light talking like I'm you right? Surely it's a true sight Behold what you see is it reality? Who oversees this travesty Is it me? Who can finally see? Carpool lane for the travelling gnostics Got my flawed diagnostics Please stop this cause I'm not this Dense I'm in the present tense Can you chill to this music or is it too intense? I'm running through my mind tryna find what can unwind you Behind you a ghost travels with you I wish you Wouldn't be so stubborn when I'm trying to explain That the game is insane but it's played still the same
Sacrifice Lyrics I have no way of knowing what's on the other side make sure you feel it growing wait until you feel it rise Steel boots are head a stompin plate glass don't shatter well Garden of eden what are you feedin Apple from the paradise Trust in ytour inner demons you'll wait for morning light YUou'll see the light a glowin Try and prove it sacrifice! Cast aside all your doubts let all fears inside subside Case closed I'm in the next phase What is it you think I am? Real eyes will understand me Razor blades will cut me up Quarantine for social science Radical the way to see



[ 01 /03 ] Trilogy

EP / 2020 - 7 TRACKS


composer - Hubrid
graphyste - NoomineX
singer - Duckfoot



released July 28, 2020


all rights reserved




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